Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

Michael's Automotive Group Safety Program

We are vitally concerned with protecting your safety and health. You personally are one of the main contributors to this safety effort. You can help ensure your own safety and that of your fellow employees by strictly following our established safety rules and procedures which will be published and displayed throughout the facility. If you notice any potential hazards or unsafe conditions, please report them or make recommendations to your supervisor or manager immediately so that potential accidents can be prevented. Should any accident or injury occur on the job, notify your supervisor immediately.


Our next Safety Committee Meetings will be November 5th in the Subaru and Toyota conference rooms. For more information please contact your manager.

Be safe and follow the guidelines we have for disinfecting vehicles for rodent transmitted Hantavirus. Click this link for more info - http://kingcounty.gov/depts/health/communicable-diseases/disease-control/hantavirus/cleaning.aspx